Professional experience:

    Marketing and Production Coordinator
    @ Public Assembly NYC

      *Successfully grew web audience by 500% by creating and nurturing a diverse online brand with focus on diversification, conversion, and inbound marketing strategies. Utilized social media, e-mail marketing, and analytics in an automated yet agile-minded approach.

      *Engaged and segmented press and VIP targets with educative and persuasive press releases, content, and partnership opportunities in order to maximize event exposure and seal authority endorsements.

      *Led staff of 40 effectively through flawless, multi-room live event production on a nightly basis (50 to 800 patrons). Experience with experiential marketing, real time content creation, and live-blogging.

    Account Manager
    @ Consortium Tours of North America

      *One of two agents overseeing individual inbound sales to booming Latin American markets for VIPs, small groups, and niche travelers while establishing lasting B2B partnerships and delivering expert customer service.

      *Optimizing and managing product allotments within a globally connected e-commerce platform and XML system featuring over 1,000 properties.

      *Ensuring brand messages were delivered to operators, agencies, and end-consumers by attending site inspections, sales calls, and presentations (clients including Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, and more).


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